Welcome to the internet pages of IRG

We are a community of fishkeepers with special interest in rainbowfishes and blue-eyes. But also other species from Australia, New Guinea and the close-by islands are kept. Unfortunately the petshops offers only very few of these species and if so, most of them have poor quality. We want to enlarge the knowledge about these animals by exchange of information and fish. Most members live in Germany, however, we also have members from Australia, Austria, Belgium, Czechia, Denmark, France, the Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, and Switzerland. In regional meetings fish and information are traded. Our annual general meeting sees the world’s largest rainbowfish sale. The date is fixed to the second weekend of June.
Nearly all of the species kept in our aquaria (together with the local varieties these are more than 100) are homebred. One of our aims is to conserve new and old species for aquarism. You want to know more? Just browse our pages.