IRG – International Rainbowfish Association

What are rainbowfishes?

In Australia, on New Guinea and on some oceanic islands off Australia and New Guinea we find a group of fishes with some members which show an extremely bright and variable colouration. Additionally, some smaller members also show a pretty finnage. As many of these fishes show all colours of the rainbow on their body, the name rainbowfishes or shorter rainbows was established rather early for them. Scientifically, these fish belong to the families Melanotaeniidae (Real Rainbowfishes) and Pseudomugilidae (Blue-eyes).

Do the members of the IRG only deal with Rainbowfish?
No, we also try to keep all suitable other freshwater fish from Australia and Oceania. However, the center is on rainbows.

Why did we found the IRG?
After the first introduction to Germany in 1927 it lasted until the 70’s before new species were imported on a regular base. The big boom started in the 80’s. However, as quick as some species turned up they vanished again. So some people had the idea that without a confederation of rainbowfish fans many species wouldn’t be kept for a longer time and most of all bred. Therefore the IRG was founded in June 1986. Meanwhile we have members of many countries, even in Australia and the states.

What did the IRG achieve meanwhile?
Just after the foundation we saw that one of the main aims – the conservation of species diversity in our aquaria – could be reached by the manifold contacts built up quickly. Additionally, new species are available for IRG members almost always very quickly after import as most of the rainbows are bred easily. With the threat of some rainbows in their natural habitats we saw other challenges. One species extinct in nature (Melanotaenia eachamensis) has been conserved by aquarists.

How do members stay in touch with each other?
The most important contact is our quarterly published membership journal “Regenbogenfisch”, which at present is edited in two language editions (German and Dutch), to intensify international relations. Meanwhile chiefly coloured pictures illustrate the text. Here all members have the chance to ask questions on certain matters, report about their experience, to inform about the fish bred in the IRG, to place advertisments etc. In our literature review we may publish about other rainbow publication, most of all scientific publications are resumed understandable. We present all books on our rainbow hobby as well as we publish tips and tricks.

How much is the subscription?
The annual subscription is € 25,- and has to be paid in advance. There is no admittance. EC members should pay by SEPA (using debit entries), however, we also accept cash, cheque, PayPal or transfer to our account.

Videointerviews (english)
INSIDE IRG – Videointerviews (english) for the ANGFA-Convention 2017, made by Franz-Peter Müllenholz will be find here (External Link).

How do you become member of the IRG?
Very easy, just fill in the form you will see after clicking the Subscription button or print it, fill in and send or fax it to our secretary. Hopefully this site answers your remaining questions.
We would be glad to welcome you as a new member soon!

You may also download a (German) brochure here or order by mail:
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